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For security reasons, Full-length cDNA and Transposon Mutant search functions were omitted from this database, and those have been hyperlinked to the new RARGE database. The distribution of bulk data files continues. For the same reason, BLAST, Microarray search, Alternative Splicing, Transcription Factor(RARTF) and Phenotypic information in transposon mutants (RAPID) were closed.

Please visit the new RARGE database.


To enhance the utility of the RIKEN Arabidopsis resource (full-length cDNAs, transposon mutants and microarray experiments), we had constructed the RARGE database. Then a lot of studies which used the RIKEN resource were accomplished and published, so far RARGE achieved the definite objective. In order to facilitate effectively phenomics studies, currently we are expanding the area of data integration from genome to phenome such as Ds tagged mutant and nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins.

Sakurai T et al (2005) RARGE: a large-scale database of RIKEN Arabidopsis resources ranging from transcriptome to phenome. Nucleic Acids Res. 33:D647-D650 [PubMed]

Current Release

Full-length cDNA
Records: 224,336 in available
(Unique gene: 18,090 records)
(Full-reading: 15,295 records)

Transposon Mutants
Line series of 5x-xxxx: 5,812 lines
Line series of 1x-xxxx: 10,850 lines

Public Database
Arabidopsis Genome (MIPS): ver.2004.02.11
Protein Database nr (NCBI): ver.2004.04.12


Genome-Phenome Superbrain Project

Order Resources

RIKEN BioResource Center (RIKEN BRC)

Seeds and cDNAs developed by GSC PFG group are distributed from RIKEN BioResource Center.


For the Database of the Arabidopsis Full-length cDNAs and the Ac/Ds Transposon Tagging Lines, homogeneous comparison of arrangement with the sequence queried is performed.

Full-length cDNAs

Searching for gene information using arbitrary keywords, RAFL codes or promoter names in the database of full-length cDNAs.

Transposon Mutants

Searching for line information using arbitrary keywords and AGI codes in the database of Ac/Ds Transposon Tagging Lines.


For Reference to published microarray data. Use a gene name and an experiment name as a key, and reference will be offered.

Genome Map

Browsing the information on genes visually from the physical chromosome map of Arabidopsis.

Alternative Splicing(Unlinked)

Tables for 1,764 Transcription Units with alternative splicing transcripts. They were detected based on RIKEN Arabidopsis full-length cDNA sequences.

Transcription Factor (RARTF)(Unlinked)

RIKEN Arabidopsis Transcription Factor database (RARTF) provides 1978 transcription factors on the Arabidopsis thaliana genome based on PSI-BLAST searches.

Phenotypic information in transposon mutants (RAPID)(Unlinked)

RIKEN Arabidopsis Phenome Information Database (RAPID) is a searchable site of phenotypic data in transposon-insertional mutants.

Phenotypic information of nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins

Chloroplast Function Database provides an easy way of accessing all-inclusive knowledge data for tag-lines of nuclear-encoded chloroplast proteins including morphological phenotype, essential genes for embryogenesis, and our collections of homozygous mutants.