Phase1: All genes detected as TF_17_3 (45 genes).

Super Family:ARF
Sub Family:ETTIN/ARF3
Query sequence of this family
Link to serched gene: At1g51120

Gene codeGene name ScoreE-value RAFLTransposon Mutants Microarray Genome map Alternative splicing
At2g33860 auxin response transcription factor 3 (ETTIN/ARF3) 924 0.0 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g34410 auxin response factor, putative 579 e-165 Mutants MAP
At1g35240 hypothetical protein 572 e-163 MAP
At1g35520 auxin response factor, putative 569 e-162 MAP
At1g34390 auxin response factor, putative 564 e-161 MAP
At1g34310 hypothetical protein 561 e-160 MAP
At5g60450 auxin response factor 4 555 e-158 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g59750 putative protein 535 e-152 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing
At4g23980 auxin response factor 9 (ARF9) 530 e-151 RAFL MAP
At1g30330 putative protein 526 e-149 Mutants MAP
At5g37020 auxin response factor 8 (ARF8) 524 e-149 MAP
At2g46530 putative ARF1 family auxin responsive transcription fa... 518 e-147 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g35540 auxin response factor, putative 514 e-146 MAP
At3g61830 auxin response factor-like protein 514 e-146 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g19220 auxin response factor (ARF) like protein 508 e-144 Mutants MAP
At5g20730 auxin response factor 7 (ARF7) 505 e-143 RAFL MAP
At1g19850 transcription factor monopteros (MP) 492 e-139 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g62000 auxin response factor - like protein 481 e-136 Mutants MAP Alternative splicing
At2g28350 unknown protein 457 e-129 RAFL MAP
At4g30080 transcription factor like protein 451 e-127 RAFL MAP
At1g34170 putative protein 432 e-121 MAP
At1g77850 putative auxin response factor protein (T32E8.16) 431 e-121 RAFL MAP
At1g43950 hypothetical protein 297 8e-81 MAP
At4g01500 putative DNA-binding protein 195 5e-50 MAP
At1g13260 putative protein 193 3e-49 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g06250 putative protein 182 4e-46 MAP
At1g01030 DNA-binding protein, putative 182 5e-46 Mutants MAP
At1g25560 putative protein 181 7e-46 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g68840 putative DNA-binding protein protein RAV2 175 9e-44 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g46870 RAV-like B3 domain DNA binding protein 168 9e-42 RAFL MAP
At3g61970 RAV-like protein 164 2e-40 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g30470 putative VP1/ABI3 family regulatory protein 160 2e-39 RAFL MAP
At3g25730 AP2 domain transcription factor 160 3e-39 RAFL MAP
At2g36080 putative RAV2-like DNA binding protein 154 1e-37 Mutants MAP
At4g32010 predicted protein 150 3e-36 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g51120 hypothetical protein 148 1e-35 MAP
At3g24650 abscisic acid-insensitive protein 3 147 2e-35 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g50680 hypothetical protein 143 2e-34 MAP
At2g07677 putative protein 133 2e-31 RAFL MAP
orf164 -mitochondrial genome- 127 2e-29 MAP
At3g26790 FUSCA3 (FUS3) 126 3e-29 MAP
At3g11580 putative DNA binding protein 124 1e-28 RAFL MAP
At4g21550 VP1 like protein 119 6e-27 MAP
At1g28300 VP1 protein, putative 116 3e-26 Mutants MAP
At5g35780 unknown protein 43 7e-04 Mutants MAP
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