Phase1: All genes detected as TF_17_1 (74 genes).

Super Family:ARF
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Link to serched gene: At2g36080

Gene codeGene name ScoreE-value RAFLTransposon Mutants Microarray Genome map Alternative splicing
At1g19850 transcription factor monopteros (MP) 1209 0.0 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g37020 auxin response factor 8 (ARF8) 739 0.0 MAP
At1g34410 auxin response factor, putative 700 0.0 Mutants MAP
At1g35240 hypothetical protein 695 0.0 MAP
At1g35520 auxin response factor, putative 687 0.0 MAP
At1g34390 auxin response factor, putative 680 0.0 MAP
At1g34310 hypothetical protein 678 0.0 MAP
At1g59750 putative protein 599 e-171 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing
At1g30330 putative protein 584 e-167 Mutants MAP
At2g46530 putative ARF1 family auxin responsive transcription fa... 584 e-167 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g35540 auxin response factor, putative 584 e-167 MAP
At5g20730 auxin response factor 7 (ARF7) 580 e-165 RAFL MAP
At3g61830 auxin response factor-like protein 579 e-165 RAFL Mutants MAP
At4g23980 auxin response factor 9 (ARF9) 573 e-163 RAFL MAP
At1g19220 auxin response factor (ARF) like protein 561 e-160 Mutants MAP
At2g33860 auxin response transcription factor 3 (ETTIN/ARF3) 491 e-139 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g60450 auxin response factor 4 480 e-135 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g34170 putative protein 479 e-135 MAP
At5g62000 auxin response factor - like protein 475 e-134 Mutants MAP Alternative splicing
At1g77850 putative auxin response factor protein (T32E8.16) 474 e-133 RAFL MAP
At4g30080 transcription factor like protein 459 e-129 RAFL MAP
At2g28350 unknown protein 446 e-125 RAFL MAP
At1g43950 hypothetical protein 324 2e-88 MAP
At5g65670 auxin-induced protein IAA9 (pir||T05902) 239 4e-63 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g04240 putative auxin-induced protein AUX2-11 210 4e-54 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g46870 RAV-like B3 domain DNA binding protein 184 2e-46 RAFL MAP
At5g43700 IAA4 (MQD19.3) 183 3e-46 RAFL MAP
At3g23050 indoleacetic acid (IAA)-inducible gene (IAA7) 178 1e-44 RAFL MAP
At4g14550 IAA14 178 1e-44 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing
At2g22670 auxin-regulated protein (IAA8) 171 2e-42 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing
At3g61970 RAV-like protein 170 2e-42 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g13260 putative protein 169 6e-42 RAFL Mutants MAP
At3g15540 early auxin-induced protein, IAA19 169 8e-42 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g01030 DNA-binding protein, putative 168 1e-41 Mutants MAP
At3g25730 AP2 domain transcription factor 168 2e-41 RAFL MAP
At1g68840 putative DNA-binding protein protein RAV2 165 8e-41 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g06250 putative protein 165 1e-40 MAP
At1g25560 putative protein 165 1e-40 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g04250 putative auxin-induced protein, IAA17/AXR3-1 165 1e-40 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g36080 putative RAV2-like DNA binding protein 165 1e-40 Mutants MAP
At3g23030 auxin-inducible gene (IAA2) 164 2e-40 RAFL MAP
At3g04730 auxin-induced protein 162 7e-40 RAFL Mutants MAP
At4g01500 putative DNA-binding protein 160 3e-39 MAP
At3g24650 abscisic acid-insensitive protein 3 157 3e-38 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g52830 putative IAA6 protein 155 1e-37 MAP
At1g15580 IAA5 153 5e-37 Mutants MAP
At2g30470 putative VP1/ABI3 family regulatory protein 152 6e-37 RAFL MAP
At4g29080 phytochrome-associated protein PAP2 150 3e-36 RAFL MAP
At1g80390 unknown protein 149 6e-36 Mutants MAP
At1g04550 putative auxin-induced protein, IAA12 148 1e-35 RAFL Mutants MAP
At4g14560 auxin-responsive protein IAA1 147 3e-35 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g33310 auxin regulated protein (IAA13) 145 1e-34 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing
At4g32010 predicted protein 139 6e-33 RAFL Mutants MAP
At4g28640 early auxin-inducible protein 11 (IAA11) 135 8e-32 RAFL MAP
At2g07677 putative protein 135 1e-31 RAFL MAP
At1g51120 hypothetical protein 134 3e-31 MAP
At3g17600 putative auxin-induced protein 133 4e-31 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g62010 ARF1-binding protein 133 5e-31 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing
At5g25890 IAA28 130 3e-30 RAFL Mutants MAP
At3g11580 putative DNA binding protein 130 4e-30 RAFL MAP
orf164 -mitochondrial genome- 130 5e-30 MAP
At3g62100 auxin-induced protein homolog 130 5e-30 Mutants MAP
At1g50680 hypothetical protein 130 5e-30 MAP
At2g46990 IAA20 129 7e-30 RAFL Mutants MAP
At3g16500 phytochrome-associated protein 1 (PAP1) 129 8e-30 RAFL MAP
At3g26790 FUSCA3 (FUS3) 128 1e-29 MAP
At1g15050 IAA34 125 1e-28 MAP
At1g51950 IAA18 early auxin-induced protein 123 5e-28 RAFL Mutants MAP
At4g21550 VP1 like protein 120 3e-27 MAP
At4g32275 unknown protein 114 3e-25 RAFL MAP
At1g04100 putative IAA1 protein 113 5e-25 Mutants MAP
At1g28300 VP1 protein, putative 108 2e-23 Mutants MAP
At2g01200 putative auxin-induced protein 98 3e-20 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g57420 putative protein 86 8e-17 MAP
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