Phase1: All genes detected as TF_10_2 (57 genes).

Super Family:GARP
Sub Family:ARR-B class
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Link to serched gene: At2g01760

Gene codeGene name ScoreE-value RAFLTransposon Mutants Microarray Genome map Alternative splicing
At3g16857 ARR1 protein, putative, 5' partial 120 1e-28 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing
At2g25180 putative two-component response regulator protein 112 3e-26 MAP
At5g58080 ARR2 - like protein 112 3e-26 MAP
At5g59570 ARR1 protein - like 111 5e-26 RAFL MAP
At3g46640 putative protein 109 2e-25 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing
At2g01760 putative two-component response regulator protein 108 5e-25 RAFL MAP
At3g10760 unknown protein 107 1e-24 Mutants MAP
At5g44190 unknown protein 107 1e-24 RAFL MAP
At2g03500 unknown protein 106 2e-24 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g20570 GPRI1 protein (gpri1) 103 2e-23 RAFL Mutants MAP
At4g28610 unknown protein 102 3e-23 RAFL MAP
At1g68670 unknown protein 102 5e-23 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g40970 unknown protein 101 7e-23 RAFL MAP
At5g05090 unknown protein 101 8e-23 RAFL MAP
At4g31920 predicted protein 101 9e-23 RAFL MAP
At1g67710 response regulator 11 (ARR11) 101 9e-23 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g29000 unknown protein 100 1e-22 RAFL MAP
At1g25550 unknown protein 100 2e-22 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g20400 unknown protein 99 3e-22 RAFL Mutants MAP
At3g04450 transfactor like protein 99 5e-22 RAFL MAP
At5g07210 putative protein 99 6e-22 Mutants MAP
At2g01060 transfactor-like protein 98 6e-22 RAFL Mutants MAP
At5g18240 transcription factor like protein 97 1e-21 RAFL MAP
At3g04030 transfactor like protein 97 1e-21 RAFL MAP
At3g25790 unknown protein 97 1e-21 MAP
At3g13040 unknown protein 97 2e-21 RAFL MAP
At4g13640 unknown protein 97 2e-21 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing
At4g18020 pseudo-response regulator 2 (APRR2) 97 2e-21 RAFL Mutants MAP
At3g24120 transfactor like protein 97 2e-21 RAFL MAP
At1g13300 unknown protein 96 4e-21 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g79430 unknown protein 96 4e-21 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing
At1g49560 unknown protein 95 8e-21 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g02060 unknown protein 95 8e-21 Mutants MAP
At5g45580 putative protein 94 9e-21 Mutants MAP
At3g12730 regulatory protein of P-starvation acclimation respons... 94 9e-21 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g27070 putative two-component response regulator protein 94 2e-20 MAP
At2g40260 hypothetical protein 92 6e-20 Mutants MAP
At5g06800 putative protein 91 8e-20 RAFL Mutants MAP
At1g69580 transfactor, putative 91 9e-20 Mutants MAP
At4g16110 hypothetical protein 91 1e-19 RAFL MAP
At3g62670 putative protein 90 2e-19 MAP
At4g37180 putative cytoskeletal protein 89 3e-19 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing
At2g42660 putative protein 89 4e-19 MAP
At2g38300 unknown protein 87 1e-18 RAFL Mutants MAP
At2g06020 hypothetical protein 87 2e-18 MAP
At1g32240 unknown protein 86 4e-18 Mutants MAP
At1g49190 putative two-component response regulator gb|AAD12696.1 84 1e-17 Mutants MAP
At5g16560 KANADI protein (KAN) 84 1e-17 MAP
At5g42630 unknown protein 82 4e-17 MAP
At4g17695 GARP-like putative transcription factor KANADI3 (KAN3) 82 4e-17 MAP
At5g49240 putative protein 80 2e-16 MAP
At1g14600 hypothetical protein 78 8e-16 Mutants MAP
At4g04580 putative protein 77 2e-15 MAP
At3g19070 hypothetical protein 67 1e-12 Mutants MAP
At5g62110 putative protein 48 8e-07 MAP
At1g01060 DNA-binding protein, putative 39 4e-04 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing
At2g46830 CCA1 38 9e-04 RAFL MAP
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