[RARTF] : RIKEN Arabidopsis Transcription Factor database

We detected 1978 transcription factors on the Arabidopsis thaliana genome based on PSI-BLAST searches.
PSI-BLAST is powerful program to search protein families with high sensitivity and selectivity.
In this page, various information of Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factor families are available: full-length cDNA sequences, Ds-tagged mutants, multiple sequences alignments of family members, phylogenic trees, functional motifs, and so on.
In addition, expression profiles of all transcription factor genes will be available in this page.

Transcription factor table:

TF_1 MYB superfamily238
TF_3 bHLH157
TF_4 NAC106
TF_5 C2H2(Zn)177
TF_6 HB101
TF_7 MADS106
TF_8 bZIP75
TF_9 WRKY(Zn)72
TF_10 GARP57
TF_11 C2C2(Zn)126
TF_13 GRAS32
TF_14 Trihelix31
TF_15 HSF27
TF_16 TCP24
TF_17 ARF119
TF_18 C3H-type 1(Zn)38
TF_19 C3H-type 2(Zn)10
TF_20 SBP17
TF_21 Nin-like14
TF_22 ABI3/VP1112
TF_23 TUB11
TF_24 E2F/DP8
TF_25 CPP(ZN)11
TF_26 Alfin-like60
TF_27 EIL6
TF_28 LFY3
TF_29 Other27
TF_35 PAIRED(w/o HB)88
TF_48 Swi4/Swi61
TF_55 Aux/IAA49
TF_56 HMG-box15
TF_59 PcG; E(z) class33
TF_60 PcG; Esc class3
TF_62 CBF52
TF_63 SW1311
TF_64 TGA382
TF_65 Pti4127
TF_66 Pti5144
TF_67 Pti6146
TF_68 ERF146
TF_69 PHD-finger10
TF_72 VIP31
TF_73 LIM-domain6
TF_74 AT-hook31
TF_75 Sir22
TF_other 40

Total (non-redundant) number of transcription factor : 1968
For deatils of this databae, please see article by K. Iida et al.
"RARTF: Database and Tools for Complete Sets of Arabidopsis Transcription Factors"
DNA Research, 2005, 12:247-256.
Families classification is based on article by Riechmann J.L. et al.
"Arabidopsis transcription factors: genome-wide comparative analysis among eukaryotes."
Science, 2000, 290:2105-2110.

Other contents or tools:

-Detailed Transcritrion Factor Table
-Reverse Psi-Blast Search (RPS blast)
-blast Search
-PSI-blast Search with PSM of Arabidopsis transcription factors. (Serch for O. Sativa transcription factors)
-Get FASTA format sequence file

-Install "Tree view"

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