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Transposon Mutants:

"RIKEN Arabidopsis Transposon mutants" is a series of mutant lines which have a Ds transposon in the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana Nössen ecotype (background by Fedoroff and Smith). This web page provides information on the mutants produced in our laboratory. Each mutant line is assigned by stipulated line codes (ex. 13-4480-1). We determined the flanking sequences of Ds insertion for each independent line.
Transposon insertion sites of mutants were estimated by a BLASTN homology against the genome sequence database of Arabidopsis thaliana Columbia ecotype. The closest genes (predicted by AGI) to the transposon insertion sites were picked up. The results of the BLASTP homology search against the nr database of NCBI for the closest genes have been collected for keyword searches.

Structure of the transposon

Structure of the transposon

Structure of the transposon. The constructs used here have been described in Fedoroff and Smith (Plant J.,3: 273-289 [1993]). The amount of the Ac element in each Ds construct is represented by the filled portions at the beginning, middle and end of the transposon and the exact number of the base pairs is indicated above the diagram. Ds11, 51 and 52 contain only the first of the Ac element's 4 transcription start site, while the other contains all of them with (Ds13 and 16) or without (Ds12, 15, 53 and 54) part of the element's untranslated leader. Ds constructs 15,16, 52 and 53 contain the 35S core sequence upstream from the GUS gene, while Ds constructs 11-13, 51 and 54 do not. Abbreviations: GUS: ß-glucuronidase; 19S: the promoters of the CaMV and 19S transcripts; hygro: the bacterial aph4 gene, confers hygromycin resistance.

support documentation: Ds-transposon primer sequences

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