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IdentifierCis AccessionDescrip tion
 WARBNEXTAS000241"WAR (wounding activating region)" in Brassica napus (B.n.) extA extensin gene;
 WBBOXPCWRKY1S000310"WB box" found in the Parsley (P.c.) WRKY1 gene promoter; Also conserved in WRKY3 gene promoter; Required for elicitor responsiveness; WB box and WC box (S000142) constitute a palindrome; WRKY1 protein binding site; WRKY transcriptional factor play an important role in the regulation of early defence-response genes; See S000142;
 WBOXATNPR1S000390"W-box" found in promoter of Arabidopsis thaliana (A.t.) NPR1 gene; Located between +70 and +79 in tandem; They were recognized specifically by salicylic acid (SA)-induced WRKY DNA binding proteins; See S000142 (TTGACC); See S000310 (TTTGACT);

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