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IdentifierCis AccessionDescrip tion
 TAAAGSTKST1S000387TAAAG motif found in promoter of Solanum tuberosum (S.t.) KST1 gene; Target site for trans-acting StDof1 protein controlling guard cell-specific gene expression; KST1 gene encodes a K+ influx channel of guard cells; See S000265;
 TACBBFNTEAS4S000257TacBBF (TAC box binding factor) binding site in tobacco (N.t.) 5-epi-aristolochene synthase (EAS4) gene; Required for elicitor-inducibility; EAS is involved in sesquiterpene phytoalexin biosynthesis; Found between -245 and -232; Appears to function as a silencer or repressor of EAS gene expression;
 TATABOX1S000108"TATA box"; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of rice alpha-amylase;
 TATABOX2S000109"TATA box"; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of pea legA gene; sporamin A of sweet potato;
 TATABOX3S000110"TATA box"; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of sweet potato sporamin A gene;
 TATABOX4S000111"TATA box"; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of sweet potato sporamin A gene;
 TATABOX5S000203"TATA box"; TATA box found in the 5'upstream region of pea (Pisum sativum) glutamine synthetase gene; a functional TATA element by in vivo analysis;
 TATABOXOSPALS000400Binding site for OsTBP2, found in the promoter of rice pal gene encoding phenylalanine ammonia-lyase; OsTFIIB stimulated the DNA binding and bending activities of OsTBP2 and synergistically enhanced OsTBP2-mediated transcription from the pal promoter;
 TATAPVTRNALEUS000340"TATA-like motif"; A TATA-like sequence found in Phaseolus vulgaris tRNALeu gene promoter; Frequently observed upstream of plant tRNA genes; Found in maize glycolytic glyceraldehyde-3-phospate dehydrogenase 4 (GapC4) gene promoter; Binding site of TATA binding protein (TBP);
 TATCCACHVAL21S000416"TATCCAC box" is a part of the conserved cis-acting response complex (GARC) that most often contain three sequence motifs, the TAACAAA box (see S000181), or GA-responsive element (GARE); the pyrimidine box, CCTTTT (see S000259); and the TATCCAC box, which are necessary for a full GA response;
 TATCCAOSAMYS000403"TATCCA" element found in alpha-amylase promoters of rice (O.s.) at positions ca.90 to 150bp upstream of the transcription start sites; Binding sites of OsMYBS1, OsMYBS2 and OsMYBS3 which mediate sugar and hormone regulation of alpha-amylase gene expression; See also S000021 (AMYBOX2); S000256 (TATCCAY motif);
 TATCCAYMOTIFOSRAMY3DS000256"TATCCAY motif" found in rice (O.s.) RAmy3D alpha-amylase gene promoter; Y=T/C; a GATA motif as its antisense sequence; TATCCAY motif and G motif (see S000130) are responsible for sugar repression (Toyofuku et al. 1998);
 TBOXATGAPBS000383"Tbox" found in the Arabidopsis thaliana (A.T.) GAPB gene promoter; Located between -94 and -89 (T1) and also between -84 and -79 (T2); Mutations in the "Tbox" resulted in reductions of light-activated gene transcription; GAPB encodes the B subunit of chloroplast glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase(GADPH) of A.T.;
 TCA1MOTIFS000159TCA-1 (tobacco nuclear protein 1) binding site; Related to salicylic acid-inducible expression of many genes; Found in barley beta-1,3-glucanase and over 30 different plant genes which are known to be induced by one or more forms of stress; A similar sequence (TCATTTCTT) was found in tobacco Tnt1 retrotransposon promoter (Mhiri et al., 1997);
 TDBA12NTCHN50S000266TDBA12 binding site found in tobacco (N.t.) basic class I chitinase gene (CHN50); Elicitor response element; TDBA12 belongs to WRKY proteins that appear to be unique to plants; TDBA12 is activated by TMV infection in resistant tobacco plant and by plant defense signal molecule SA;
 TE2F2NTPCNAS000397"te2f-2" found in the promoter of tobacco PCNA gene; Located between -84 and -77; Binding site of OsE2F1 and OsE2F2; Involved in transcriptional activation in actively dividing cells and tissue;
 TEF1BOXATA1S000311"tef1 box" found in the Arabidopsis (A.t.) EF-1 alpha A1 gene promoter; Conserved in the A.t. EF-1 alpha gene promoters; Involved in the activation of EF-1 alpha gene; Involved in the transcriptional activation of plant genes that are overexpressed in cycling cells; Conserved in the promoters of genes for products related to the translational apparatus;
 TEFBOXATEEF1AA1S000309"tef-box" found in the Arabidopsis (A.t.) eEF1AA1 gene promoter; An activating sequence associated with telo-box (S000308); Required for the gene expression in root primordia; Acts co-operatively with telo-box; See S000308;
 TELOBOXATEEF1AA1S000308"telo-box" (telomere motif) found in the Arabidopsis (A.t.) eEF1AA1 gene promoter; Conserved in all known plant eEF1A gene promoters; Found in the 5' region of numerous genes encoding components of the translational apparatus; Required for the activation of expression in root primordia; Acts co-operatively with tef-box; Binding site of AtPur alpha-1; See S000309;
 TGACGTVMAMYS000377"TGACGT motif" found in the Vigna mungo (V.m.) alpha-Amylase (Amy) gene promoter; Located between -128 and -123; Required for high level expression of alpha-Amylase in the cotyledons of the germinated seeds; See S000234;
 TGA1ANTPR1AS000247TGA1a binding site in tobacco (N.t.) PR1a gene; as-1-like sequence; Contains two TGACG elements reminiscent of activation sequence-1 (as-1); See other as-1-like sequences; TGA1a is preferentially expressed in root tip meristems; TGA1a may contribute to the expression of GST isoenzymes, especially in root tip meristems;
 TOPOISOMS000112Topoisomerase cleavage site consensus sequence; Motif found in SAR (scaffold attachment region; or matrix attachment region, MAR); W=T/A,
 TRANSINITDICOTSS000201Context sequence of translational initiation codon in dicots; M=A/C;
 TRANSINITMONOCOTSS000202Context sequence of translational initiation codon in monocots; R=A/G; M=A/C;
 TRANSTARTS000113plant consensus sequence for translation start site

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