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IdentifierCis AccessionDescrip tion
 NAPINMOTIFBNS000070Sequence found in 5' upstream region (-6, -95, -188) of napin (2S albumin) gene in Brassica napus (B.n.); Interact with a protein present in crude nuclear extracts from developing B. napus seeds;
 NDEGMSAURS000359"NDE" found in Soybean (G.m.) SAUR (Small Auxin-Up RNA) 15A gene promoter; Required for auxin responsiveness; Contains two adjacent sequences, TGTCTC (see S000270) and GGTCCCAT, which have been previously identified as putative auxin-responsive elements; See S000360;
 NONAMERATH4S000147Nonamer motif of Arabidopsis thaliana (A.t.) histone H4 promoter;
 NONAMERMOTIFTAH3H4S000071"Nonamer motif" found in promoter of wheat (T.a.) histone genes H3 and H4;
 NRRBNEXTAS000242"NRR (negative regulatory region)" in promoter region of Brassica napus (B.n.) extA extensin gene; Removal of this region leads to expression in all tissues within the stem internode, petiole and root;
 NTBBF1ARROLBS000273NtBBF1(Dof protein from tobacco) binding site in Agrobacterium rhizogenes (A.r.) rolB gene; Found in regulatory domain B (-341 to -306); Required for tissue-specific expression and auxin induction;

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