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IdentifierCis AccessionDescrip tion
 HBOXCONSENSUSPVCHSS000200"H-box"; Consensus sequence of H-boxes found in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) chs15 gene promoter; Essential for both light regulation and elicitor induction; Similar sequence was found in tobacco Tnt1 retrotransposon promoter (LTR); Tnt1 is induced by wounding and by abiotic stress; "KAP-2" binds to the H-box and stimulates transcription from a promoter harboring the H-box; "KAP-2" shares sequence similarity to the large subunit of mammalian Ku autoantigen; See S000150, S000402 and S000401;
 HBOXPVCHS15S000361Binding site of two bean protein factors, KAP-1 and KAP-2; KAP-1 is a 97 kDa polypeptide; KAP-2 comprises two polypeptides of 76 kDa and 56 kDa; Elicitation of bean cell with glutathione causes a rapid increase in specific activities of KAP-1 and KAP2;
 HDMOTIFPCPR2S000233HD (homeodomain) protein target site in parsley (P.c.) pathogenesis-related protein 2 (PR2); A potential in vivo target site;
 HDZIP2ATATHB2S000373Binding site of the Arabidopsis (A.T.) homeobox gene (ATHB-2) found in its own promoter; Located between -72 and -80; Similar to the HD-ZIP-2 binding consensus sequence; ATHB-2 is regulated by light signals which function as a negative autoregulator of its own gene; M=C/A;
 HEXAMERATH4S000146hexamer motif of Arabidopsis thaliana (A.t.) histone H4 promoter;
 HEXATS000334"Hex motif"; Binding site of Arabidopsis (A.t.) bZIP protein TGA1 and G box binding factor GBF1; TGA1 and members of the GBF family differ in their DNA binding properties; G-Box-like element;
 HEXMOTIFTAH3H4S000053"hexamer motif" found in promoter of wheat (T.a.) histone genes H3 and H4; CaMV35S; NOS; Binding with HBP-1A and HBP-1B; Binding site of wheat (T.a.) nuclear protein HBP-1 (histone DNA binding protein-1); HBP-1 has a leucine zipper motif; "hexamer motif" in type 1 element may play important roles in regulation of replication- dependent but not of replication-independent expression of the wheat histone H3 gene; See S000076, S000267
 HSES000054"HSE (heat shock response element)"; consensus sequence found in the promoter regions of heat shock protein genes; HSF binding site; HsfA3, a new member of the Hsf (heat stress transcription factor) family; was isolated by yeast two-hybrid screening, using HsfA1 as a bait; HsfA3 is a single copy gene with all conserved sequence elements characteristic of a heat stress transcription factor;
 HSELIKENTACIDICPR1S000056"HSE-like motif" in -56 region of acidic PR1 gene of tobacco (N.t.); not found in basic PR1 gene;
 HSELIKENTGLN2S000057"HSE-like sequence" in 5' upstream region of beta-1,3-glucanase gene (GLN2) of tobacco (N.t.);
 HY5ATS000345"G box"; Binding site of Arabidopsis bZIP protein HY5; HY5 is constitutively nuclear localized and is involved in light regulation of transcriptional activity of the promoters containing the G-box; See S000041, S000042, S000229; HY5 abundance peaks in early seedling development, consistent with its role in promoting photomorphogenesis; HY5 stability and activity is regulated by phosphorylation in its COP1 binding domain; HY5 regulates stimulus-induced development of root and hypocotyl;

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